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Throughout my Entrepreneurial journey, even though I have 8 Startups to my credit, there was one constant thread in the background...I invested in Real estate properties of different sizes and nature. I bought duplexes and rented them. I bought houses, fixed them up, and flipped them. I even owned, with partners, a 17 unit apartment complex and a mixed use residential/commercial property.

Then, there came a point in time where I decided it was time to shoot for what I considered the pinnacle of my profession...becoming a Real Estate Developer. I remember sitting down in our downstairs den for many consecutive mornings journaling and doing ‘Law of Attraction’ exercises to make this happen.

In particular, I wanted to do a residential project in my home town of Durango, Colorado...an incredible mountain town of 17,000 people located at 6400 feet altitude about 3 ½ hours from the nearest interstate. It even had a blue-ribbon trout fishing and rafting river running through the center of it.

My Dream came true, as I met and connected with an established local developer named Dan. It became the perfect combination of my experience as an Entrepreneur and management skills….and Dan’s experience as a successful Developer.

The City Planners had, historically, been notorious for encouraging industrial frontage on this beautiful river (including a national grocery chain with no windows and a parking lot).
In the downtown section, there came the opportunity to buy a prime parcel of river frontage and change all that by developing it into a condominium project. My real estate partner and I jumped at the chance. 

We had plans for a mixed use development with 38 condos, a restaurant and light retail. All the condos had unobscured river frontage...plus we were extending the river trail in front of the property for public access. 

To acquire the property, we invested $500,000 and secured $2.5 million in bank loans. Further, in order to finish going through the City Planning process, we acquired a 2nd, $500,000 mortgage from a private lender. So, all in all, we had $3.5 million into the project. 

It took us 1 ½ years to go through the City’s Planning process. We jumped through hoop after hoop, paying for engineering plans, architectural drafts, construction bids, etc. 

We had the support, and input, of the Community...and when we received City approval, almost 2 years later, we had a $40 million Development project on our hands and a $5 million projected profit for ourselves. 

In the next 3 months, we had banks lining up to offer us construction loan with incentives. In that short time, we had secured deposits from 50% of our Buyers for the condominiums and all of the commercial space. 

Then...overnight...the bottom fell out. It was the Spring of 2008. 

Our Construction lender offers went away. 
Our condo buyers needed their deposits back to payoff other real estate calamities. 

Fortunately, the property we had bought was a strip retail building and was 85% occupied...and the rents just covered our monthly bank loan payment. So, we decided to tuck our tails and just wait for the recovery. 

However, fate had other plans for us… 
1) The City soon made it clear that our Development Plan would not be re-approved when it expired in 2 ½ years. 

2) Our bank loan was up for renewal and the bank told us that interest rates were going up and that we, or our private investor, would have to advance, out of pocket, amounts to cover any decrease in the value of the property. 

-But, at that moment, we could still make ends meet...just barely.
-We tried to negotiate with the bank to keep the current collateral requirement and interest rate, but they refused.
-We offered to sell out to our 2nd lender and stay on to manage the property, if they would just keep the current interest rate. They refused...and countered with a demand that the 2nd lender put forth a $100,000 deposit to cover the drop in value of the property, if he didn’t want to lose his investment.

This was August, 2008. I saw the handwriting on the wall.
-I knew this downturn was just starting. And, as time went on, our property value would decrease.
-And, we’d have to start from scratch with a new plan, once the economy turned.
I remember that fateful day in September, when I walked into the office of the bank in downtown Durango. To my surprise, not only was the Loan officer of our local bank present, but also, the Head of Lending for the whole Bank...and the Bank President himself.

What I haven’t mentioned is that…
1) My development partner was facing bankruptcy from another project gone bad, and

2) I had signed a personal guarantee that made me 100% liable for this $2.5 million bank loan, even if my partner could not pay.
I’ll never forget standing up in front of them, all alone, with a feeling of dread and all the courage I could muster, and telling them we would not be signing the loan extension. (I had drawn a line in the sand and determined to let the chips fall where they may...as I knew it could only get worse.)

But, there’s a backstory. Six months earlier...as soon as things started heading south, I initiated a consistent series of meetings with our private investor, John. In these monthly meetings, my Partner and I told John exactly how it was...no sugar-coating.

-We showed him our financial projections for barely covering the 1st bank loan.
-As a result, we negotiated an extension of his 2nd loan with interest payments being accrued into the balance of the loan.
-We even shared how the bank’s requirement for a deposit from him...and that we wouldn’t accept that because we knew that appraised values would continue to decline.

In addition, the bank started receiving increased pressure from State Auditors. They had to get their bad loans off the books by year-end.
-The bank’s next step was to contact “Vulture Capitalists” to see if they would buy the loan. (Yes, that’s a term...and it means exactly what it implies.) These firms acquire bank loans at a deep discount and then turn their lawyers loose on the Borrowers to go after their personal assets under the Guarantee. It was about to turn ugly...and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me.

-But the bank waited too long. There were no takers.
-And, then, with 10 days left in the year, they did turn to John, our private lender and sold him the loan at a $1 million discount and a lower interest rate. The investor now had a loan amount that was in line with decreasing property values and an interest rate that he could cover easily from building rents. Plus, he had the means to wait out the economy and later sell at a profit.

And...he had the power, in his hands, to decide our fate, because he was now our 1st and 2nd lender.

But John remembered how we treated him during that prior 9 months now. He remembered that we’d rather take the fall than have him put more money with the bank just to protect his investment.
-So, he willingly accepted a deed in lieu of foreclosure, in which we gave him the property and he forgave the loan.

And, of course, Uncle Sam had to weigh in, taxing us on the $1 million loan forgiveness John had negotiated with the bank.

Despite all of that, I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was, even though I lost $250,000 of my personal investment. It could have been worse...much worse.

What I learned from this was that I had to stop playing the ‘swinging for a home-run’ game. No more ‘feast or famine’. I needed to pursue a path that could bring in consistent income. So, I turned to the Internet because it was a path that I knew could move me in this direction.
Fortunately, I knew the direction to which I needed to turn. 

Influenced by my neighbor and friend, Jeff Walker's, launch process, I began launching my own info-products in the internet marketing arena in 2008.

My wife and I created an online product that taught people how to use Camtasia...the popular screen-capture software.
And then, a friend put us in touch with a well-known internet marketer named Don Crowther..who was also in this space...and we joint ventured on the project. This lasted for about a year. The product wasn’t sustainable, because as soon as a new version of Camtasia came out, we needed to update our course substantially. 
During this period, I had reasonable success but I wasn’t fulfilled. We created a few other courses, but really seemed to evolve into Affiliate marketers. I didn’t realize it at the time...but the problem was that I hadn’t taken the time to get in touch with my real gifts to offer the market...or who my ideal customer was.
But, as Law of Attraction would have it, there was something bigger in the works...I just didn’t know it yet. A year or so after this project concluded, Don called me and asked to be his Project Manager on his next big social media launch. He had experienced my organizational skills and decided I could help him.
That first year, I was recruited onto the launch with 3 weeks to go before our pre-launch videos went live.

We did the late night thing. I remember being on the 
phone at 1 AM because our programmer was a night owl and literally disappeared during the day. I had to be on the phone as he programmed, or risk losing him for 24 hours.
During the week before we started the 10 days of pre-launch, I needed to travel to an outdoor wedding in a nearby city. I remember walking the grounds at this wedding reception talking on the phone to make sure the copywriter and web designer were coordinating their activities before Monday’s 'Cart Open'.
I learned a lot that year. My biggest takeaway was that every major launch I was witnessing was built around the premise that 'you were going to war', so you better suck it up and dig in for the battle. But I knew there had to be a better way.
So, when I was invited to be in charge of the whole show the next year, as Launch Manager, I introduced a whole new approach.
< We planned everything in advance.
< We cut costs by streamlining Team members needed.
< We developed a communication system that kept everyone energized, interacting, and working reasonable hours.
< Deadlines were met in advance.
It was a new way of running a Launch that was actually enjoyable, but more importantly, sustainable. And, between these 2 launches we grossed nearly $2 million.

This is where my Epiphany happened. As a long-time entrepreneur, I had assumed that my skills at organizing, systematizing, planning, etc. were just part of running a business. 

But I discovered, via the praise that I received from Don and the other professionals on his Team, that this was a skill that others needed. I could make a living at this.

Soon, word got out, and I started getting other clients who were launching information products and needed help in setting up a structure to launch. They were caught in the mode of work like hell for the 3 months before a launch...burning out...taking a few months off...and then doing it again. I had seen enough to know that this model wasn’t sustainable in the long-term. So, I worked with my clients to change their culture and belief patterns about their work...while installing a structure that was more conducive to a balanced life.

In 2013, I started a successful Amazon business. In one 10 month period, I expanded my product line from 12 to 32 products by utilizing the same product launch sequences I had been teaching others.

Word spread in the Amazon market as well, and soon, I was consulting with other Amazon sellers on how to create a Product Launch System to introduce product after product fast. And then, I got invited to join into strategic partnerships with some high volume Amazon sellers.

Through this process I realized that I could make a major impact on people’s lives by showing them a holistic approach to running their Launches and structuring their Business and Team, while, at the same time, managing their personal lives to create the balance for which they’ve been yearning.
After selling my Amazon business for a substantial sum four years later, I jumped back into the online launch world. 

I first perfected my launch skills with the help of a high-level coaching program with Russell Brunson. 

Then, I launched my Product Launch Multiplier program to assist other online marketers put their product ideas out into the world.

In my online Launch coaching and consulting business, I started attracting small business owners, who recognize
that a successful online business is really a succession of profitable launches. I show these owners how to structure their product launches in such a way that is sustainable and fits into their lives, rather than becoming all consuming.
On the personal side, my wife (Deb) and I divide our time between southern Colorado (summers) and Stuart, Florida (winters). This allows me to pursue several of my passions during the different seasons...especially mountain biking, fly fishing, and sailing.
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