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'Taking your Offline Business Online"

If you are a professional with a unique message...then the last 8 months of COVID have proven that it is no longer practical to simply convey your expertise to a 1:1 audience in an offline local practice. 

This series explores exactly what you need to do to bring your business online in a straightforward, no nonsense, manner. All YOU need is your unique expertise. WE'LL guide you on the online strategy.

11-13-20: Is There A Simple Success Formula
for Bringing Your Business Online?

In this session, I explore the 4 pieces, to your unique puzzle, to propel your business forward...even if you are bringing your Offline expertise online for the first time.
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10-30-20: Being in 'Momentum'
in Your Online Business

In this video, I part from my usual Launch focus to share a business-building Value that's very personal to me. My hope is that is provides a similar spark inside of you.
We'll explore the three pillars that lead to creating 'Momentum' in your online business, and why if you don't have one of them, the whole structure falls apart.


10-23-20: What To Do If You're Not Familiar With The Online World!

When that internal calling comes to spread your message to the world, often the next thought that follows is "But I don't know how to navigate in the world of online marketing!" No problem. 
Angela Florez and I team up in this video to show you exactly how to bridge that gap, showing you What To Do If You're Not Familiar With The Online World!
Basically, it all comes down to gaining a comfort level that, between your expertise and that of those supporting you, that all of your bases are covered. That's what this video is all about.


10-15-20: The Most Efficient Way To Bring Your Business Online

If you are watching this, you are probably someone with a passionate message that you want to bring online. That's what this session is about.
Angela and Mynders will show you how to do that.


10-8-20: Building Momentum for your Unique Idea...
 Before You Take It Online'

In this video, I have with me a very special guest, and client, Dr. Erica Ellis. Erica is a Therapist with a specialized area of expertise.

She talks about how she developed her it could build some real Momentum.

The result is she is easily expanding her Offline (1:1) practice to Online, so she can share her message with many.


'What sets the Exceptional Online Marketers Apart from the Ordinary!"

In this special video series, we look at the strategies that marketers use to get exceptional results. These Actions are not difficult...but most online marketers don't take the time to implement them. And, that makes all the difference!

10-1-20: Creating an
'Onboarding Email series'

Most marketers will get someone onto their List with an Optin and promised report delivery...and then simply move the prospect into their normal Broadcast rotation.
Watch this third video of the series on 'What sets the Exceptional Online Marketers Apart from the Ordinary!' learn what the Extraordinary marketers do, instead.
Also, go to this link to gain access to my swipe copy for this sequence.


9-24-20: Modeling the Success of Others

Why reinvent the wheel when you can model success...especially from someone within your industry!
This Live will show you how to use the swipe copy of other marketers to shortcut your path to success. We look at how to couple the proper Launch framework with well-synchronized swipe copy to get Results faster. 


9-18-20: Sales Webinar Marketing
What a Long Distance Runner and
Online Achievers Have in Common

Did you know that as much as 70% of Sales from a Webinar happen after the Event?

In this first video of the series on 'What sets the Exceptional Online Marketers Apart from the Ordinary!'...we look at why it's essential to keep marketing until you cross the finish line.

This presentation will show you exactly what to do to get those extra sales.
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