As a Product Launch Manager and Consultant, Mynders helps online business owners position their virtual products (courses, coaching programs, etc.) to connect deeply with their Audience, while working within a well-crafted structure.

A long-time entrepreneur with eight personal startups, Mynders first offered his products on the internet in 2008 and later became a Product Launch Manager. He was instrumental in orchestrating a 7 figure launch in the social media arena. In 2013, he started a successful Amazon business, which he grew using the same processes which he teaches others.

In his online business, Mynders is sought after by small business owners who understand that ‘leveraging their time by working through others’ is their most direct path to Success. (See My Story for the full background.)
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Mynders Glover, is the owner of Beyond Productive LLC. Mynders has been working with online clients to help them launch their digital products and services since 2012. He helps people go from where they are on a Revenue producing idea (Launch) to get to the other side (its successfully completion) in the fastest, most painless way possible. In the process, all of the organizing and systematizing skills developed over years of consulting are utilized to help make launches successful.
Mynders is available for speaking, interviews, podcasts. Download the media bio and press kit here:
Product Launch Management is the process of planning the release of your products to your Market in a sequential way, resulting in deliberately building the value of your business over time.

Examples of Launches:
> The introduction of a physical product on Amazon
> Online marketing of an information product
> Perfect Webinar launch
> 30 day Challenge
> Virtual Summit

It is a dynamic process in which someone is working with the Owner or Project Manager to put the specific time-bound elements of the launch into place. 

Going beyond systems and task lists, it involves Planning of the launch, anticipating outside parties involved and relationships to be made, as well as the coordination of the duties of Team members to meet the timeline.

Normally, an organization plods along approaching the day to day tasks of the business by addressing what is most urgent in the moment. Going with the flow, so to speak.
Project Management is the process by which all of the Projects of the organization are prioritized and organized in such a way that the following happens:

> Projects get completed on time
> Members of the Team come together in a more inspired way because they have a plan and are operating with less stress.
> New project, and thus profit, potentials for the company are able to be put into a structured System. 

As your business sources regular clients and revenue streams, your need for structure increases.

Teams are more than just a collection of the individuals in the organization who do the work.
Teams are carefully crafted as a result of the vision from the top, as well as the careful selection of individuals who meet the company values and have the specific skill sets (and behavioral traits) for the positions being hired.
Then, it goes way beyond ensuring that the hiring process is complete, the onboarding process is thorough, and the day to day systems in place support the individuals to get their work done, while also meeting the needs of the company.

Are you ready to get laser focused? Book a call and  Mynders will pinpoint your most profitable business potential and show you a path for its implementation. Sharing his computer screen to introduce you to essential processes, you’ll see immediate results from this introductory session.
Have you noticed that most entrepreneurs jump from one small product offering to another, accompanied by a variety of average marketing support, never to really gain any traction?
This is because a successful online business comes about as a result of careful planning. Further, this success results from a series of sequential product launches, carefully orchestrating the introduction of products and services that move a prospect systematically up your Value Ladder.
What separates the high performers from the crowd is the fact that the successful marketers are willing...and play the LONG GAME. They...

< Are willing to look to the end result desired and reverse engineer it to the present.
< Take their time putting their new products into the market, because they know that rushing things only provides the quick rush of feeling busy.
< Are willing to make the major decisions about their Launches in advance, resulting in faster implementation in the long-run, while avoiding the limited outcomes that result from just staying one step ahead in their launch.

How To Fire Yourself!
Case Studies and Action Steps On Your One Hire To Optimize Team Results. 

The difference between highly functioning Teams and an organization in disarray often comes down to one essential hire...a Project Manager. In this program, Owners will learn the essential actions to take to install an optimal structure for success in their organization.
As a Business Owner, to have highly effective Teams, you must first be highly effective yourself. This mini-course will show you how to utilize two tools in combination to achieve more effectiveness in Task and Time Management.
One of the highest leveraged markets for Product Launches today is Ecommerce. Recently, Mynders (a long-time Amazon seller himself) hosted the 'Ecommerce Launch Summit', focusing on Amazon private label sellers. The Summit, now offered as an Evergreen product, showcased the potential for treating the 7 sub-systems that accompany the introduction of any new product as one total Launch System. Learn from Mynders and 13 other top experts as they show you everything you need to know about these systems.
Tanya Mitchell and Dr. Ken Gibson
Brain-Wise, LLC
"We run a large brain training company called Brain-Wise. We asked Mynders to help us with our Launch Plan for the Gibson online cognitive test. It’s in over 20 languages, and we wanted to launch that program to help people understand cognitive skills.

When we met Mynders, we were actually interviewing several other people. No one else had the depth of knowledge or experience in the many different ways to launch a product as Mynders. He took a personal interest in what we were doing. He learned about us before we started the process, even taking the time to read up on us.

About halfway through the project, we talked to Mynders and said, “You’ve given us so much value. We feel like we’ve gotten our money’s worth already.”

We probably had 5 or 6 calls. It was very systematized. He’d take you through the different modules. We’d provide our input, then we’d discuss and explore different parts of it that were critical. He thought our goals were too low.

He gave us a very detailed step by step plan on how to have the perfect launch, including budget, email strategy, etc. We came out feeling that if we were going to do this launch, we’re going to work with Mynders. We’d certainly recommend you work with him. Mynders does a great job!"
Michelle Lange
Co-Founder, The Winning Speaking Formula™
"I had the pleasure of working with Mynders on my webinar launch. I was working with a new business partner where we were combining our two brands and two areas of expertise, and it was complex to distill what we both do into one webinar with one cohesive through line in the messaging.
Mynders and I worked together on the webinar teaching points and messaging. He was excellent at asking the right questions to distill what was most important to convey and gave me specific suggestions for simplifying the message so that it was more accessible to people who were new to speaking on camera and on stage.
Mynders is unique in that he has a complex range of talents from launch strategy to messaging to project management, and so he is able to look at a launch from a 360 degree perspective. He can effectively zero into the areas that need strengthening and make specific recommendations to make the launch more successful. From our work together, I walked away with clear direction for making our webinar successful — and we filled our coaching program.
What stands out about Mynders is the level to which he cares. He really took his time to understand my goals, my brand and my message in depth. I felt he cared about my launch being successful as much as I did. If you have the opportunity to work with Mynders, I highly recommend taking advantage of it!"
Dr. Tom Garcia
Founder, Reclaim the Sacred
"Early in the formulation of my business model, I struggled with clarity around my Offer. Mynders helped me to focus and stay present to the opportunity, while bringing my vision to earth, showing me how to position myself in the marketplace.
Mynders is calm, clear and connected… and he has a great sense of humor. He listens and asks great questions. His mind works several steps ahead, uncovering new ideas and expanding the possibilities, while staying grounded in sound marketing strategy. In our conversations and strategy sessions, Mynders calmly laid out a plan, and gave me a global sense of what’s possible and how to get there.
Mynders helped me to see practical, daily actions to take on the path forward and created a visual map of my business based on our work together…he shared my vision with me. As a result, I have more confidence and certainty. With Mynders as my guide, the “how” is assured, which frees me to work with inspirational focus on my offering, my gift.
Working with Mynders is both a joy and a stretch. His breadth and depth of understanding of the launch process is remarkable. I highly recommend Mynders to help you formulate your launch strategy. He is a teacher, a coach, a visionary…and he knows the way."

Gerry Kirk
Systems & Productivity Expert
"I'm a systems coach for entrepreneurs of all types of businesses. I've also got several Challenge funnels that I'm looking to launch with a couple of partners. I really wanted to talk to Mynders because I knew he had a lot of experience with Challenge funnels.
We covered a lot of ground, and he really broke things down for me. We looked at the actual Offer we were looking to do, how to price that in relation to the Challenge, how to break down the content offered, even how it could be delivered. We also looked at what the focus of the Challenge should to set it up so that the content is something that attendees want to do, and from which, they feel like they received a lot of value.
Wow! I didn’t realize there were different delivery types that you could use, or even how to make it easier to repurpose later into a membership site once the Challenge is done, so that you have that recorded content for the ongoing running of your funnel.
Working with Mynders was a lot of fun. He's very easy-going, very thoughtful, and kind and considerate. He asks lots of great questions to make sure any gaps or holes are being identified in what we're looking to do.
I have to say, I feel like I now have the confidence that I'm going to make a lot more sales with my Challenge funnels than I would without Mynders’ help. So I highly recommend working with Mynders, if you're looking to do any kind of product launch. "

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